6 Month Smiles Consultation

Consultations are dental appointments which are designed to inform patients about the treatment options, processes and costs. They are also a great opportunity for patients and dentists to get to know each other. You will be advised to a consultation before having treatment so that your dentist can make sure you are suitable for 6 Month Smiles. The consultation with a London 6 Month Smiles Clinic dentist will also ensure you are aware of how the treatment works and what it entails.

What happens during a consultation?

During the consultation the dentist will examine your mouth and they may also create moulds and take photographs. This is so that they can get a clear idea of your orthodontic prescription. Your dentist will check that you are suitable for your chosen treatment. If not, don't worry, we will be able to suggest other treatments based on your individual preferences and needs.

During the consultation there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions and voice any worries or concerns you may have. We will answer queries about any aspect of the treatment and are happy to put your mind at ease. It is important that you feel comfortable before you start the treatment process.

What questions should I ask?

We are happy to answer any questions you have related to the treatment or any aspect of dentistry. No question is too small, so please do not hesitate to talk to us, especially if you are feeling nervous or apprehensive. Here are some questions you may wish to ask during the consultation:

  • How long will treatment take?
  • Will the braces be painful?
  • Will my speech be affected?
  • How should I look after my braces?
  • How much will treatment cost?
  • What does the treatment process involve?
  • Will I have to wear a retainer after treatment?
  • How frequently will I have to visit the dentist during the treatment period?
  • How do the braces move the teeth so fast?

After the consultation

If you decide to go ahead with treatment we will send off your impressions and photographs to the 6 Month Smiles laboratory in America, where your bespoke braces will be manufactured. Once the braces have been returned to us we will arrange an appointment to fit them and then your treatment can begin. We will arrange follow-up appointments to check the progress of treatment and make sure you are happy with your braces.