What 6 Month Smiles can do for you: Adult Cosmetic Orthodontic

The moving, straigthening, whitening and repairing of teeth has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past 20 years and now cosmetic adult teeth straightening could be the solution to your smile issues.  Do any of these statements below refer to you:

  • Have you ever caught yourself in the mirror on your way out of the door and felt less confident abut yourself because of your teeth and smile?

  • Do you look at your smile and feel deflated?

  • Do you cover your smile when you talk?

  • Are there certain teeth that are worse than others? More crooked or uneven in general or is it just one tooth detracting from an otherwise great smile?

  • Do you look at those with beautiful white smiles and feel envious?

  • Do you want to have a beautiful smile and increased confidence?

  • Do you want to dazzle your partner with a new you or indeed get that person you have had a crush on for ages and ages?

  • Maybe you have already been through a course of braces as a child and couldn’t possibly face those  metal braces and wires again?

  • Do you want to be the one with the ‘New Look’ and friends and family to exclaim how great you now look?

  • Do you want to build inner confidence that exudes into your daly life and enhances your relationships at work and socially?


Well here is a way for you to improve your smile and gain that confidence and brighter life outlook that you deserve.

  • Our system is called 6 Month Smiles and is simple and effective.

  • It is all pretty much done for you by the dentist and involves approximately one visit a month and begins with a full assessment and bespoke treatment plan.

  • We use white wires, white brackets and work on achieving your chief cosmetic complaints about your smile.

  • Once completed we can look at replacing those aged silver mercury fillings and tidying up your smile with some gentle smile polishing,

  • We follow the teeth straightening with teeth whitening and retainers to keep your smile pristine.

  • If you like the way we look after you you are welcome to join our Membership Plan called Essentials and run by Denplan.


It really all does begin with a smile….. come in and see me for an informal, free, no obligation chat to see how we can improve and enhance your life