What does treatment involve?

Before you begin treatment you will be invited to attend a consultation at your local clinic. The consultation process is a great way to find out more about the treatment, ask any questions you may have and get to know your dentist. The dentist will also make sure that you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic braces, and if this is the case, we can start drawing up a treatment plan.

These braces are exclusively manufactured at a leading laboratory in the USA. We will create impressions of your teeth and send them to the laboratory, along with photographs of your mouth, so that your bespoke braces can be fabricated.

Fitting the brace

Once your braces have been manufactured we will fix them onto your teeth using strong adhesive. But we will check that you are happy with the look and fit of your braces before they are fixed into position. Visit this website to see what braces are available.

Is treatment painful?

Initially there may be some discomfort but you will soon be used to wearing your braces and any pain should subside. Wearing braces may affect your speech to begin with but this will not last long. The braces have been created with patient comfort in mind and are generally considered to be much more patient-friendly than traditional braces. Read information.

How often will I need to see the dentist?

During the treatment process you will be advised to see your dentist on a regular basis. This is so they can check the progress of your treatment. As treatment only takes around 6 months you will not need to visit your dentist on too many occasions. We will advise you on dental visits during the consultation and treatment process. See more.

How long does treatment take?

These braces usually take around 6 months to straighten teeth but this may vary according to the individual.